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Affordable Housing Report 2010

Preserving Salisbury’s Vitality:
Housing for Tomorrow

Report of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee
to the Board of Selectmen
Salisbury, Connecticut
June, 2010



      In November of 2008, the selectman of Salisbury, Connecticut, established an Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC). Their charge to the committee states, in part: In 2007, a four-person Informal Task Force on Affordable Housing undertook to assist Town government to develop policies and programs to improve access to affordable housing in Salisbury. The Informal Task Force on Affordable Housing has calculated that Salisbury needs to add approximately 200 units in four categories of affordable housing (including both conversions and new construction) to retain the Town’s character, economic health, and diversity. The primary objective of the Committee should be to recommend a plan to construct or convert the needed 200 units by 2020. (The full charge to the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee is Appendix I to this report.) The charge went on to ask various questions the selectmen hoped would be answered by the committee.

      In 2007 the Informal Task Force had written: It is our hope that this report will stimulate at least two others in this series: first, a report on possible solutions as well as impediments to meeting the demand for affordable housing and second, a report specifying detailed institutional and programmatic policies to implement the proposed solutions and to reduce the identified impediments. (The Task Force’s full report, Housing your Neighbors in Salisbury, 2020, is available on the Town of Salisbury website.) Taking our marching orders from these two documents, the committee concluded that, simply put, what we were being asked to do, in addition to the other objectives, was to identify the impediments to creating affordable housing and to design a plan to overcome those impediments. Our committee consists of sixteen citizens of the Town of Salisbury. None of us is an expert in the field of affordable housing. The closest we get to that is an architect, a realtor, and an urban planner. We have a member from the Board of Selectmen and one from the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z). We have a firefighter and a member of the ambulance squad.


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