Town Hall, P.O. Box 548, 27 Main Street, Salisbury, CT 06068

Historic District Commission Application

Historic Districts Commission Application

For Certificate of Appropriateness 

Town of Salisbury, Connecticut

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     Application is hereby made for the issuance of a Certificate of Approprintness under an "Ordinance Establishing Historic Districts within the Town of Salisbury", duly adopted on February 9, 1970, and enacted pursuant to the enabling authority contained in Sections 7-147(a) through 7-147(k) of the General Statutes of Connecticut, for the proposed work described below and as shown on the photographs, plans, or drawings (where applicable or appropriate), accompanying theis application:

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  • Applicant, if not owner
  • Agent or contractor
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  • Proposed work is in connection with, a dwelling, an accessory building,a commercial buildingan industrial building, other(Specify)
  • Nature and discription of proposed work (attach extra sheets as necessary):