Town Hall, P.O. Box 548, 27 Main Street, Salisbury, CT 06068

Burn Permits

To receive the Local Open Burning Official Application and Permit for Open Burning of Brush,

please come to the Selectmen's Office at the Salisbury Town Hall.


Please call, 860-435-1252, and leave your name, address and phone number, the day you are going to burn, with a valid permit.




1.     Open burning is limited to the burning of brush only, on residential property upon which the permittee resides. Only Brush (defined as shrubs, vegetation or prunings, the diameter of which is not greater than three inches at the widest point) may be burned. Burning on property not zoned or classified as residential is prohibited. 

2.     Burning must cease if so directed by any member of the Town Fire Marshal's Office, any Officer of the Fire Department, any designated municipal official responsible for enforcing the open burning laws and ordinances, or any Official of the State Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

3.     During the burn, all reasonable measures to assure complete combustion and reduce excessive smoke are to be taken.

4.     At no time during the burn should the fire be left unattended. 

5.     At the completion of the burn period, all embers and coals must be extinguished and wetted, so as to prevent smoldering and fugitive ash emissions.

6.     All reasonable safety precautions are to be taken, including the clearing of grass and trees in the burn area, wetting down of the surrounding area, and the placement of fire extinguishers and hose lines.

7.     This permit must be immediately available on site during the burn.

8.     Burning may only be conducted between the hours of 10:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. on a sunny or partly sunny day with the wind speed between five and fifteen miles per hour. The burn pile must be completely extinguished by 5:00 P.M. and all embers and coals must be extinguished and wetted (see Condition 5 above).

9.      Burning may not create a nuisance to nearby properties.

10.    Access to a water source (ex. working hose) is required on site when burning.


Permit is NOT Valid Under the Following Conditions


  • When national or state ambient air quality standards may be exceeded.
  • Where a hazardous health condition might be created.
  • When the Air Quality Index (AQI) is predicted to be 75 or higher anywhere in the State as indicated in the Table entitled “Predicted Daily AQI Maximums for Month/Day/Year” as found at


When there is an advisory from the State of Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection of any air pollution episode.


       The DEEP's Forest Fire Control Officer urges all who enjoy the use of Connecticut's parks, forests and open spaces, to use fires with caution and practice forest fire prevention tips especially during forest fire season. People need to obey local laws regarding open fires, carefully dispose of hot charcoal and completely extinguish smoking materials.


       If you have received a permit from your local Open Burning Official to burn brush on your property, the permit is NOT VALID IF the Forest Fire Danger is rated HIGH, VERY HIGH or EXTREME and you are burning within 100 feet of a grassland or woodland.


Please click HERE to receive the Forest Fire Danger Report from the State of Connecticut.