Town Hall, P.O. Box 548, 27 Main Street, Salisbury, CT 06068

Messages from Our Resident Trooper

The Salisbury Resident Trooper is requesting that residents lock their vehicles and remove the keys from them even when parked in the owners driveway.  During the weekend of July 8th two unlocked vehicles were stolen from two separate locations in the Lime Rock section of town. If any suspicious activity is observed or heard immediately contact the State Police at 860-626-1820 or call 911.  


 Recently it has been reported that signs expressing ones opinion on a local issue have come up missing from yards within the town.  This is a reminder that the unauthorized removal of these signs is a violation of the law. 


 If you have any information regarding these recent issues or any other Law Enforcement matter feel free to contact the Salisbury Resident Trooper at 860-435-2938.