Town Hall, P.O. Box 548, 27 Main Street, Salisbury, CT 06068


Assessor: Kayla Johnson

Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00am-4:00pm 



Phone Number: 860-435-5176


      The physical location, at 27 Main Street in Salisbury, is in the corner, to the right of the first floor entrance. The Assessor is a town employee, professionally educated, state certified and responsible for the appraisal of all real estate, motor vehicles and certain types of personal property as required by Connecticut State Law. The money needed to operate the town, including the public school, road maintenance, recreation, police and other services, comes primarily from property taxes. Individual tax bills are the property assessment (70% of value) multiplied by the mill rate. The mill rate is determined each year by dividing the budget needed to operate the town by the taxable grand list.


     Each and every property must be properly assessed so that taxes are apportioned fairly. Every five years the Assessor is required to revaluate all property and prepare an updated grand list (a total assessment of all listed properties) upon which the taxes are based.


Field Cards: $1.00 per page

Vacant Land: $.50 per page

11x17 Assessor Maps: $1.00 per map


Large Maps:

Black & White: $10.00 per copy

Color: $20.00 per copy

11x17 Reduction: $5.00

As of 09/04/2016

If you would like a card please email a request to providing the property address and/or owner’s last name and your contact information.  Cards will be emailed back to the address sending the request, or faxed if you provide a number. 

You may send payment to: Assessor, PO Box 548, Salisbury, CT, 06068. 


You can set up an account with us if you plan to request cards in the future.  Send desired amount to the above address along with your contact information and we will apply the money to your account.  When requesting cards, we will deduct the amount, and email you a statement when your account becomes low.


People frequently requesting cards that do not pay will lose this privilege and cards will not be emailed until payment arrives.



MILL RATE: (History)

Grand List Mill Rate

2016 11.1%

2015 10.7% Revaluation

2014 10.7%

2013 10.5%

2012 10.4%

2011 10.2%

2010 10% Revaluation

2009 9.5%

2008 9.3%

2007 9.1%

2006 8.9%

2005 8.7% Revaluation

2004 15.3%

2003 15.3%

2002 15.0%

2001 14.8%

2000 14.5% Revaluation

1999 15.5%






Veteran exemptions: If you are a veteran or an active duty service member but are not currently receiving a veteran's exemption, the first step is to file your DD-214 with the Town Clerk's Office.   Your DD-214 must be filed by September 30th in order to receive the exemption beginning with that October 1st Grand List.  If you are not able to locate your DD-214 discharge paperwork, you may request a copy by visiting,  

If you served during a recognized period of combat, (Please contact this office to see if your service time qualifies as a “Eligible Date of War') you could be entitled to an assessment reduction. If you are a veteran who was disabled in combat, you may be eligible for an increased exemption. A recent letter from the Veteran's Administration that indicates the disability percentage must be presented in order to receive the increased exemption.





If a taxpayer has sold, junked or totaled a motor vehicle or moved it out of State, it is his or her responsibility to contact the Assessor's Office and to provide the necessary paperwork in order to have the assessment prorated if applicable. See following:




If you have not already returned your plates to the DMV, or have lost them, you will need to contact the DMV, cancel your registration before we can process your paperwork.




•       Copy of the front AND back of the title showing the transfer of ownership OR a DMV bill of sale signed by both buyer AND seller

•       Letter from the insurance company on company letterhead stating that the vehicle was deleted from the policy, including the reason why the policy was canceled, or a copy of the accident report stating the vehicle was a TOTAL loss

•       Receipt from the junkyard identifying vehicle and date junked

•       Letter from the charity to which the vehicle was donated INCLUDING the date donated

       Copy of the registration from the new state for each vehicle which includes a clearly identifiable effective date of issue



If you purchased a vehicle after the October 1 assessment date, you will be liable for the Supplemental tax on such vehicle in the town where you resided on October 1.