Town Hall, P.O. Box 548, 27 Main Street, Salisbury, CT 06068

Zoning Board of Appeals

Zoning Board of Appeals Board Members


The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of five members and three alternates.


The Board meets in the Town Hall on the Second Tuesday of every month except March and November.  Regular meetings are held at 5:00pm and public hearings are held at 5:30pm.  All meetings are open to public.


Please contact ZBA's Administrative Assistant, Jean Bell with any questions.


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(Revised Nov. 21, 2017)


FOR ZBA Application and the Procedure for an APPEAL or Variance click HERE




Jeffery A. Lloyd - Chairman (U)


Donald Cuneo - Vice Chairman (D)


Steve J. Victory - Secretary (D)


George (Rick) DelPrete (D)


Stacie Weiner (D)


Eugenie Warner - Alternate (D)


David Maffucci - Alternate (R)


Roxanne Belter - Alternate (D)


Jean Bell - Administrative Assistant, 860-435-5189